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Insulate your laminate or wood floor and ensure you experience maximum comfort by using laminate or wood underlay.

It acts as a thermal insulator, which will keep your home warmer for less cost. And it also tackles the potential issue of laminate or wood making your home feel colder during the winter.

In addition, laminate or wood underlay acts as acoustic insulation, which is especially valuable if your home is in a multi-storey development. We have underlays for a wide range of floor coverings, including those that are specific to natural materials such as sisal, seagrass, jute and coir. We also have underlays with lower tog ratings that are more suitable if your home has underfloor heating.

Abbott's advice

Where to Use
Use laminate/wood underlay under your new laminate or wood flooring. There are different ranges available to suit various ranges. Some are also more suitable for use with underfloor heating.
Fitting and Installation
To get a precision fit, we recommend a professional technical survey and installation by our expert team. If you do decide to measure and install yourself, we’ll be happy to provide all the information you’ll need to complete the process.

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