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Safety Flooring

Reduce the risk of slipping and risk of injury in commercial areas such as kitchens, hospitals and nurseries with safety flooring.

Engineered to enable safe movement in low and high traffic areas by making slips far less likely should contaminants such as water, soap or grease be present on the floor.

Safety flooring incorporates aggregates into the production process. This allows reduces the impact of contaminants. They do this by penetrating the wet film caused by the hazard and providing contact with the shoe, greatly reducing the possibility of a slip or fall.

We supply products from many safety flooring suppliers. Speak to one of our specialists to discuss the most suitable type for what you need.

Abbott's advice

Where to Use
Safety flooring is best installed in demanding environments that have been assessed as having a high slip risk. As you’d expect, safety flooring is incredibly hardwearing; it’s scuff and scratch resistant and it can be laid over underfloor heating.
Fitting and Installation
To get a precision fit, we recommend a professional technical survey and installation by our expert team.If you do decide to measure and install yourself, we’ll be happy to provide all the information you’ll need to complete the process.

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