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Keep your indoor space cool, comfortable and enjoyable during the hot summer months with external blinds.

Made from durable materials, external or outdoor blinds are roller blinds that are mounted to the outside of the glass, regulating the solar heat, light and potentially harmful UV rays that enter your home.

Outdoor blinds block up to 97% of solar heat energy, which in turn can reduce interior room temperatures by more than 10 degrees Celsius, even on the hottest summer days. This will keep your indoor space naturally cooled, negate the need for fans or air conditioning and keep your energy costs low throughout the summer.

We supply both manual and motorised outdoor blinds. With the latter option, there are smart technology options, allowing app control or integration with your home control system at the touch of a button.

Abbott's advice

Where to Use
Outdoor blinds are versatile, therefore are suitable for endless applications and uses. They can cover glazing of all sizes and inclinations, from sliding and folding patio doors, to skylights, roof lights and conservatories, along with pergolas and verandas.
Fitting and Installation
To get a precision fit, we recommend a professional technical survey and installation by our expert team.If you do decide to measure and install yourself, we’ll be happy to provide all the information you’ll need to complete the process.

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