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Cork—a sustainable solution that warms and enriches any interior.

Cork flooring is made from the naturally sourced bark of the cork tree. And once peeled, it continues to grow, meaning the tree isn’t harmed by the process.

The flooring the bark produces is extremely hardwearing yet soft underfoot. It’s highly compressible and resilient; an excellent thermal and sound insulator; naturally resistant to mould and mildew; naturally fire retardant; hypoallergenic and insect resistant; and stable in various temperatures, from cold to hot—it’s even warming to look at, thanks to it’s natural, earthy colour. Plus, if you want something more vibrant, it’s even available in stained colours.

With so many benefits, including its unmatched sustainability, there’s really no reason not to choose cork flooring, whatever your space.

Abbott's advice

Where to Use
Cork flooring is suitable for all areas of your home – even wet areas. Due to its water, mould and mildew resistant qualities, it performs extremely well in domestic or commercial. It’s also suitable for use over underfloor heating.
Fitting and Installation
To get a precision fit, we recommend a professional technical survey and installation by our expert team.If you do decide to measure and install yourself, we’ll be happy to provide all the information you’ll need to complete the process.

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